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Best Eyelash Extension Applicators

Are you still trying to place your false eyelashes with your fingers? Or maybe you’re trying to use a pair of sharp tweezers to get your eyelashes into place? Here’s the problem: your fingers likely have germs and tweezers could literally cause you to poke your eye out. You don’t need that happening. That’s why the best eyelash extension applicators are one of the best investments you can make.

The Best Chart for Eyelash Extension Applicators

Whether you’re looking for a long-tipped applicator, a disposable option, or something else to fit a specific need, you’ll find the best products right here. Rated based on consumer reviews, you’ll quickly see what could work, what won’t work, and what purchase makes the most sense today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Disposable Eyelash Mascara Wands/Applicators 4.4
Pixnor 3-Pack Black Long Makeup Tweezers 4.7
G2Plus 400 Piece Disposable Micro Applicators 4.7
Nipoo Eyelash Extensions Disposable Microbrushes 4.4
Japonesqe False Lash Placement Tool 4.4
Beauty Smart False Eyelashes Extension Applicator 5.0

Xtreme Lashes Lint-Free Applicators 4.5
Kinglake Disposable Eyelash Applicators 4.3
eBoot 200 pcs Multicolor Disposable Eyelash Brushes 4.9
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Are Eyelash Extension Applicators and Why Do I Need One?

Eyelash extension applicators offer you multiple ways to care for your natural or false eyelashes. They will help you place your lashes, remove them, and make sure they do not have any extra dirt, debris, or mascara that could interfere with your look.

This means the category can be somewhat confusing. Not only are the placement tools referred to as applicators, but so are the cleaning tools that are used for the care of your false eyelashes. To find the specific product you need, look for certain terms like “lint free” so you know that you’re purchasing a cleaning tool instead of a placement tool.

When placing an eyelash extension, you’ll be using a tool that looks like a combination between tweezers and an eyelash curler. There are no sharp or pointed ends, so you minimize the risk of eye injury. This allows you to accurately place the lashes after they have received adhesive so your fingers can stay out of the picture – and so can those tweezers.

Once you’re ready to take the lashes off, you can grab them with the tweezer-like tool and then use the lint-free multipurpose applicator to begin removing the adhesive. These cleaning applicators are usually designed for surface cleaning needs, allowing you to easily remove mascara and eyeliner without the need for potential debris a Q-Tip or a cotton ball might leave.

Cotton products can also have fibers get caught between your lashes, which can create an uncomfortable experience. Using cotton to remove glue can even cause fibers to get caught between your false eyelashes and your eyelid, which reduces the quality of the hold.

Many of the cleaning applicators are disposable. Look for packs of 25 or 100 to receive the best possible value.

Are Micro Brushes the Same as an Extension Applicator?

Yes. Micro brushes create the same cleaning effect as other extension applicators. They are the best option to use if you have extensive adhesive or mascara removal needs.

The benefits of purchasing micro brushes will go beyond simple cleaning, however, because of their unique design. You can use them for blending, other makeup applications, and they are often spill-proof because there aren’t fibers available to become oversaturated.

Micro brushes are therefore naturally lint-free. Some may not be rated to work with adhesive application, so be sure to look at the best eyelash extension applicator reviews to make sure you’re getting the product that you need.

What Are the Other Benefits of Using Eyelash Extension Applicators?

Applicator tools are designed to place and care for false eyelashes and extensions, but with a little creativity, they can also be one of the most versatile items in your cosmetics toolbox. Here are just a few of the creative ways that people have used these tools and cleaning products to achieve their specific look.

  • They are used during facials to protect the eyelashes or apply specific products around the eyes with precision.
  • Eyelash perming, dyeing, and tinting is easier to apply with applicator brushes and tools.
  • In a pinch, the flat-end applicator tool can also be used for creating curls and lift for natural and false eyelashes.

Many of the products that are found in this category are designed to be disposable. This allows you to take care of your needs without creating a huge mess or need to thoroughly clean your tools after use. Just brush in the mascara, brush the glue away with a remover, and throw out the applicator after each use.

Disposable micro brushes and similar cleaning tools are often offered in several colors, ranging from blue to hot pink. They are also highly flexible, allowing you to make sure your eyes are completely cleaned or your lashes are full and clump-free with ease.

For the applicator tools, look for stainless steel products for the most strength and durability.

What About Dual Lash Applicators? Are They Any Good?

We all live busy lives. We’re always looking for new ways to save time without compromising our looks that we present to the world. Since most eyelashes must be addressed one-at-a-time, some extension applicators have been designed as a dual lash applicator. This means you can apply the top and the bottom false eyelashes simultaneously. These products are difficult to use and are not generally recommended.

To add more confusion into this category, you can also find dual applicators that will allow you to hold and place the lash, then use a rubber tip to press down along the lash line for a better hold, especially near the eyes. This type of dual lash applicator can be extremely useful.

How Much Does it Cost to get the Best Eyelash Extension Applicators?

Pricing in this category is typically under $20. You’ll be able to purchase a pack of 100 micro brushes, a single applicator placement tool, or dual lash applicators at this price point.

There are cheaper products in this category as well, especially if you’re looking for disposable products. If you do prefer to limit your spending here, it is essential to look for lint-free items so that you don’t inadvertently create a bigger mess for yourself when trying to use your false eyelashes.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites


These disposable applicators are soon going to be your best friends. They are incredibly effective, versatile, and help to make sure your look is always perfect. The small brushes are able to separate lashes effectively, allow you to apply mascara cleanly, and will not interfere with the setting process when you’re using an adhesive. Use them to test your glue or adhesive as well before you figure out something is wrong. They’re a great value purchase that you’ll want to make today.

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When you need a reliable way to place your false eyelashes into their proper position, then you need this ergonomic product. Instead of tweezers that are pointed and flat so they slip, you have a solid grip with each tweezer so that you can paste your lashes into a look that is comfortable and clean. You’ll even receive 3 pairs of false lashes in this small set to practice this new skill. Made from stainless steel and just the right length at about 4 inches, working with your lashes as never been easier.

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These plastic and fiber disposable applicators are smaller in size than other options, helping you to clean your lashes or place them into the inner or outer corners of your eyes with ease. These are non-linting tools as well, giving you’re the confidence you need for a sanitary experience around your eyes. Use them to clean your false lashes after a day of wear, brush out mascara, or begin to get rid of that stubborn adhesive. At this price, you won’t just look nice. You’ll be able to look incredible.

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We love these applicator brushes because of how effective they are at applying product. They work especially well with gels or creams, allowing you to make sure that you have the precise look that you want. These microbrushes absorb very little in terms of product as well, so you won’t have to worry about waste. At just 1.5mm, they’re surprisingly small considering the amount of grip you’re able to achieve with each wand. If you need lash lift or tinting, get these and you won’t be disappointed.

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If you don’t like the full flat tweezer applicators that provide false lash placements, consider this alternative instead. These angled tweezers still give you full control over the lash, but will also work with individual lash extensions instead of just strip-style false lashes. The shape of the handle gives you a maximum level of visibility and control while applying even the smallest of lashes. Stop using your fingers to apply your own lashes and invest into this remarkably helpful tool right now.

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The best eyelash extension applicators will make the job of looking awesome become a lot easier to complete. Use the microbrushes to make sure your items are clean and properly applied with little mess. Then use the placement applicators to make sure your lashes and adhesive form the proper bond. You’ll be able to save time and money with these tools, so get yours today.

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