Best Eyelash Extension Glue

False eyelashes will look fantastic when they are correctly used. To make sure they stay in place properly, the best eyelash extension glue will be required. There are several glue options available today, including hypoallergenic adhesives, waterproof glues, and eyelash-specific adhesives and each has unique strengths and weaknesses. Let’s find out more to give you a great look.

The Best Chart for Eyelash Extension Glue

Some adhesives for false eyelashes have a solid reputation for success. Others can be hit or miss, depending on the sensitivity of your skin and other factors. Then there are certain glues and clear coats that you’ll want to avoid at all times. This chart offers you the chance to review today’s top-rated adhesives in one convenient location so you can find the right one for your needs.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Eyelash Blink Extension Advanced Ultra Bonding Glue 4.5
Reese Robert Beauty Professional Eyelash Extend Adhesive 4.2
Eyelash Store Bad Azz Alluring Glue 4.1
Baisidai Individual Extension Smell-less Glue 4.0
Nikkilash Badass Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive 4.5
Revelation Lash Extension Products Latex-free Extension Glue 3.5
iLash Store Alluring Elite Bond Glue 3.6
Nikkilash Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive Glue 3.9
Ultra Plus Glue for Eyelash Extensions 3.4
Nikkilash Strongest Bond Eyelash Extension Glue
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

How to Properly Apply the Best Eyelash Extension Glue

The best false eyelashes work when you can make your preferred adhesive work as intended. You can create the best possible results more consistently when you take the following steps.

  1. Use only the amount of adhesive that you need. If you are using too much adhesive on your false eyelashes, then the glue will show. Not only will that look bad, but it will increase the chances of an allergic reaction. A thin strip of adhesive is all that is required.
  2. Allow the glue to dry for about 30 seconds before applying it. Most adhesives recommend against doing this, but an eyelash glue that is slightly tacky will stick better to your eyelids. This will give you a more consistent wear, but it also means that you’ve got just one shot to get things right.
  3. Use a little more glue on the corners. The inner and outer corners of the false eyelash tend to be the most likely to depart from the eyelid with all-day wear. A little more glue on the corners can help to prevent this from happening.
  4. Hold your false eyelashes above the adhesive container. If you place your false eyelashes on a counter and then hold the container over it, there’s a good chance you’ll put adhesive all over your lashes. By holding the eyelashes above the container and applying the glue this way, you’ll prevent a big mess.
  5. Put on those beautiful eyelashes. Now that the adhesive has been applied, you’re ready to wear your new false eyelashes all day long.

Should I Use Dark Extension Glue or a Clear Coat?

It is recommended that you have three types of false eyelash extension glue on-hand so you can achieve your preferred look: clear glue, white glue, and dark glue. Each adhesive has its own benefits that are worth considering.

  • Clear tones allow you to make adjustments. A clear adhesive allows you to make more errors when applying the false eyelashes to the eyelid. Because it dries clear, no one will know if you made a mistake. Clear coats are also a better option for those who wear light false eyelashes, bright eyelashes, or fantasy eyelashes.
  • White adhesive compliments certain tones. If you’re using a light eyelash and want to enhance the depth of your look, then a white adhesive is your best option. White adhesives are your insurance policy for a good look, especially on your lower lashes, when you’re wanting a look that is natural and clean.
  • Use dark adhesives to create intensity with your look. Dark tones with your adhesive will enhance what your eye shadow and mascara can add to your look. Keep in mind that this glue will dry with a black color, so it works best with smoky eyeshadows and black lashes.

If you prefer to wear one look, then consider the adhesive that will dry in such a way to compliment that look. Should your budget demands require that only one adhesive be purchased today, then the clear coat is your best option. It will work with all types of lashes, dry in a way so that it cannot be seen, and be forgiving if you happen to make a mistake.

Allergies and Eyelash Extension Glue: What You Need to Know

Allergies are a very real thing in the world of eyelash extension glue. When they strike, the adhesive can cause redness, puffiness, swelling, and even affect your vision. If the allergic reaction is severe enough, it may even cause breathing problems, which would be a medical emergency.

It is possible for someone to wear the same glue on a daily basis without a problem and then suddenly develop an allergy to it. Once any irritation occurs because of the eyelash adhesive, its use should be discontinued.

There are two primary allergies that are connected to these adhesives that must be considered: latex and gluten.

Wheat products are often used as part of the adhesive building process. If you happen to have Celiac disease, then your autoimmune system will recognize the addition of gluten and begin to create an immune response to it with results that are similar to allergies. Wheat allergies will also be triggered in this circumstance to create swelling and redness.

Latex is also part of some adhesives because natural glues are often made from rubber products. A latex allergy may develop at any time and in any severity. If there is any concern about this allergy or there are family members that are allergic to latex, then an alternative product should be used.

Look for hypoallergenic glues and adhesives to avoid this issue. They tend to cost a little more and come in smaller amounts, but the risks of an allergic reaction forming are greatly minimized.

How Much Does it Cost to get the Best Eyelash Extension Glues and Adhesives?

Most glues and adhesives for false eyelashes in this category are priced at $40 or less. Higher costs usually come from containers that hold a larger amount. It is possible to find adhesives priced for $20 or less.

Hypoallergenic glues and adhesives tend to be priced about 25% more than “standard” adhesives.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites

iLash Store

We found that storing this ultra-bonding glue in a cool, dry environment gave us the best overall results. We chose to use the refrigerator, but any similar environment would produce the same results. If you do choose to store it in a cool place to extend the lifespan of the glue, remember that you’ll need to thaw it for an hour or two for it to be able to work right. With a little practice, we can see someone being able to apply strip lashes individually with this glue, though the drying time does make that task somewhat difficult to complete.

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Reese Robert

The consistency of the glue itself is really nice. It’s a lot more like a heavy super glue than the latex glues that are on the market right now. Instead of having that rubbery, almost gummy, feeling on the eyelid, you’re left with an experience that feels very natural. Only a minimal amount of glue is needed to achieve long-term semi-permanent results. The only downfall is the lack of color option. If you’re looking for a clear or a white glue to create a specific look, you’ll need to avoid this product.

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The drying time of this adhesive is probably going to be faster than you expect at first. It is not very forgiving and almost instantly bonds to whatever it touches. You’ve got to move quickly and efficiently to make sure you get things right with it. When you do get it right, the bond which is achieved is one of the best that we’ve ever seen for individual eyelash extensions. Encourage clients to keep their eyes tightly closed for this entire period of time to avoid burning, inflammation, and swelling from the fumes and adhesive application.

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Assuming a quality bond is successfully achieved, you can expect about 20 days of total hold when using NikkiLash Badass sensitive glues. You’ll want to keep it in a dark and cool place, but warm it up to room temperature with a moderate-to-low humidity level for best results. The glue itself may last for up to 6 weeks once it has been opened and has an unopened shelf life of up to 6 months.

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When you see a value-priced professional glue, the first reaction tends to be more of a “meh” then a “yay.” You’ll be cheering if you happen to pick up this black extension glue today. It’s a sensitive formula which dries to a consistent color. Use in a well-ventilated situation because the fumes here are pretty strong. Be careful around heated and dampness with this glue as well, as it can cause the glue to flake and cause future irritation. It dries fast and the staying power is competitive.

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The best eyelash extension glue may be difficult to use at home, but can make all the difference in the world to a professional provider. Choose the option that makes sense for your needs and you’ll be able to serve your customers in a very effective manner.

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