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Best Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelashes are marvelous things. Not only do they help to protect the eye, but they also draw immediate attraction to them. For many, the first thing they notice about a stranger is their eyes. To make the best first impression, knowing what the best eyelash growth serum can do for your eyes can make all the difference in the world.

The Best Chart for Eyelash Growth Serum Options

Let’s just be honest. There’s really only one question to ask here: does the eyelash serum actually work? The chart below offers you the top-rated consumer options that are available today that are proven to work, as documented by customers just like you who want thicker, longer and stronger eyelashes.

PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice
NY Laboratories Eyelash Growth Serum 4.1
3.5 ml
Eyelash Growth Serum by LashIQ 4.5
5 ml
Organyc Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum 4.3
3.5 ml
Baebody Beauty Certified Pure Cold Pressed Boost 4.6
30 ml
Beauty Facial Extreme Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum 4.7
3.5 ml
Live Fraiche Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil 4.9
3.5 ml
Uptown Cosmeceuticals Eyelash Growth Serum 4.8
3.5 ml
Grandelash GrandeLASH-MD 3-Month Supply 4.0
2 ml
RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum 4.2
3 ml
PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice

What Is Eyelash Growth Serum and Why Do I Need It?

An eyelash serum is a product that is designed to be applied directly to your eyelashes. From root to tip, the goal is to provide each lash with the nutrients it needs for growth. Just like any other hair, your lashes love having vitamins, minerals, and a good protein base for it to continue growing.

Now you could make changes to your diet and potentially have this filter down to your eyelashes. A high protein diet with several fatty acids, much like the Mediterranean diet, can encourage longer eyelash growth over time. But what if you want longer eyelashes in 4-6 weeks instead of 4-6 months?

This is where the eyelash growth serum can provide a benefit. You simply brush the serum onto your eyelashes 1-2 times per day and it will do the nourishment for you. Over time, your lashes look fuller because each lash has become slightly thicker. They will longer and fuller, which will draw more natural attention to your eyes.

Then you can accomplish whatever your personal goals happen to be with the eyelashes of your dreams.

What Are Some of the Concerns with an Eyelash Growth Serum?

There are some incredible claims that have been made with some of the eyelash growth serum products that are on the market today. They are quick to make promises so you’ll purchase the product, but without any sort of guarantee that it will actually work.

After all, people respond differently to various cosmetic and medical treatments that are available today. Your body may just not be wired to accept the serum formulation for eyelash growth.

We’ve narrowed down the most common concerns that most tend to have with the best eyelash growth serum options and what you can do to lower your risks of purchasing an ineffective product.

  • Some of the best serum options are priced above $100 for a treatment that will last for 30 days or less. This makes it out of reach for some budgets, especially since it may be a gamble as to whether or not the item will actually work.
  • Even prescription-based eyelash growth products are not 100% guaranteed to work.
  • Allergic reactions are a very real possibility with an eyelash serum. Having the serum get into the eyes can cause stinging, burning, and tear creation. Some people with a severe reaction may have ongoing redness in their eyes for 48-72 hours and problems seeing.

When it comes to price, there are several affordable 6-week treatment options that are on the market today. Compare the ingredients of the affordable serum to the premium serum and you’ll find that they almost match. This is why the best eyelash serum reviews are a helpful tool to use during the shopping process.

There is a certain level of trial-and-error that comes with this product. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much that can be done about it. A serum may work for a majority of people, but it may not work for you. The opposite can also be true.

Irritation can often be prevented by taking a few safety steps while applying the product.

  1. Make sure to apply the eyelash growth serum in an environment where fumes will not build up. If you use it in a bathroom, make sure the overhead vent is on or the door is at least open.
  2. Keep your eye closed at all times. Only apply the serum to one set of lashes at a time.
  3. Wash away any irritation right away with warm water or follow the product’s instructions for eye contact.

What Ingredients Should the Best Eyelash Serum Have?

Some eyelash serums are just better than others at an ingredient level. All serum options will claim growth opportunities, but the best products tend to have certain ingredients.

We highly recommend looking for a serum that offers castor oil as a base. This will naturally help the eyelashes begin to strengthen and grow on their own. If you have a reaction to castor oil, consider using a serum that has an olive oil or an almond oil base. A simple mineral oil will not generally provide a good enough foundation to achieve eyelash growth by itself.

Then you’ll want to look for an active ingredient called MP-17. It’s “official” name is Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. It is a proven and effective ingredient that can encourage eyelash growth. When this ingredient is in the Top 3 ingredients of the eyelash growth serum, there is a good chance that you’ll have a positive experience.

Another ingredient which has been shown to grow eyelashes effectively is bimatoprost. This is currently available in the United States by prescription only. It is not recommended to order this ingredient online because the solution quality can vary. The best solution is 0.03%.

How Much Does it Cost to get the Best Eyelash Growth Serum?

Most eyelash growth serum options are priced under $50 if you’re looking for a product that will actually do what it says it will do. If you just want castor oil, you can pick up some for less than $20 sometimes. If you’re spending more than $75 on your product, then you’re also purchasing the reputation of a brand name – something that can be beneficial to some consumers as well.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites

NY Laboratories

Once you apply the product, it is important to remember not to apply any makeup around the lashes or even the eyelid. The xanthan gum in the product tends to create a certain gumminess with the makeup, causing mascara to clump or eye shadow to become a bit flaky. Total results come in about 2-3 weeks. Maximum results take about 6 weeks. You can then keep using the serum to encourage growth that is longer and stronger as new lashes begin entering their cycle of growth.

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The serum itself dries rather quickly. That’s a good thing in the fact that you won’t have a lot of dripping like other serums can sometimes cause. If you’re interrupted during your routine, however, the serum can be dry before you get back to it and then you’ve got to remember where you applied the product since you don’t want to double up on an application. We recommend treating this product as a 6-week treatment series because there is certainly enough serum available for that. If you need an extended period of time, you may wish to double up on your order.

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This product is not intended to provide you with a permanent solution to longer and thicker eyelashes. It is more of a “food product” for the hair follicle and the skin that supports it more than anything. Now if you stop using the serum, whatever improvements that have occurred will not reverse themselves, but the new lashes will often be thinner and shorter without the serum being used.

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Baebody Beauty

If you see a castor oil product that is not labeled as being cold-pressed, then it should be assumed that it was hot-pressed. Although the only difference seems to be temperature-related, the cold-pressing process naturally reduces the acid content of the oil as it is being created. Lower acid levels prevent chaffing and follicle damage when applied to the lashes, allowing the nutrients from the oil to seep in at a natural pace.

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Beauty Facial Extreme

You could use this serum during the day, but it tends to sit on the eyelashes somewhat. If a little too much serum is dripped onto the lashes, then it can drip into the eyes. You will not notice any irritation with the eye if you use this serum while wearing contacts. The serum may also attract some dust while you’re out and about and this can irritate the eye. We found the best results came when we used this product at night – and kicked the cat out of the bedroom.

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Live Fraiche

Instead of giving you multiple eyelash brushes, this product gives you one simple dual application brush. You get the big brush that lets you spread the oil from root to tip in just seconds with very little drip. You also receive a mascara-like pencil brush which allows you to get into the corners and edges of your eyelid very effectively. The end result is more consistency when it comes to the repair of your lashes. Instead of leaving a few feeling brittle, you’re able to infuse the restorative nutrients from the low acid, organic oil to every lash.

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Uptown Cosmeceuticals

This serum uses an extract from UttwilerSpatlauber apples. These are severely tart apples that many find difficult to eat, but any apple allergy may be triggered by using this external product. Avoid this product if you have such an allergy. The reason why this specific type of apple is used is due to its unique longevity. These apples stay alive on their trees for weeks longer than any other apple. Researchers discovered that the trees and even the fruit had the ability to heal themselves, which allowed them to last longer.

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GrandeLash MD

GrandeLash MD is one of the most consistent and reliable serums on the market today. 9 out of 10 people who use the authentic product report positive results, while 69% of users in customer perception studies have reported a density increase in their lashes. We’ve also experienced positive results when using the authentic serum. As long as a counterfeit product is avoided during the purchasing process, you can expect to see good things happen when you’re using this product. It is easily one of the best eyelash serum options that is on the market today.

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Why do so many people say that RapidLash doesn’t work like it used to work for them?In many reviews today, there are long-term users of RapidLash products that have stated they have stopped using the serum because it no longer works the same. RapidLash was initially competing with Latisse and selling a similar ingredient over-the-counter that was also available through prescription. After losing a lawsuit regarding the classification of their serum as a drug or a cosmetic, they were forced to change their formulation.

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The best eyelash serum is not intended to be a miracle cure… even if it may be promoted as such. By knowing what your body needs and what your lashes want, you’ll be able to pick out a top-rated serum that can provide you with the amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that will create real growth and benefits. That way you can always look your very best.

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