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Best Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Many false eyelashes look fantastic on their own. If you want to personalize your look, however, you’ll want to use the best mascara for eyelash extensions. This specialty mascara is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and affordable. It will work on a variety of eyelash extension materials, give you all day wear, and create the volume that you feel your look needs to have.

The Best Chart for Eyelash Extension Mascara

Mascara is a personal decision. Even with the best recommendations in-hand, it’s your personal look, style, and eyelash requirements that will dictate which mascara will be the best one for you. This chart can help the shopping process along by allowing you to compare and contrast today’s top-rated brands and options.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Lashes and Cosmetics Eyelash Extension Mascara 4.1
Xtreme Lashes Length and Volume Mascara 4.1
iLash Glowing Mascara for Eyelash Extensions
Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber Lash Mascara 4.5
Silk Oil of Morocco Silk Fibre Lash Mascara 4.5
Cherry Makeup Mascara for Eyelash Extensions and Curling 4.5
Chic Republic Natural Organic Mascara 4.5
Mystere Cosmetics Volume Mascara 4.1
Eisley Rose Cosmetics Thickening and Lengthening Mascara 4.5
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

How to Find the Best Mascara for Me

Finding the correct mascara can be a difficult process. The modern mascara has gone beyond the basic black to provide options that will lengthen your look. It can thicken natural lashes or the best false eyelashes and extensions. You can even find a mascara that will vibrate.

With all of these choices, how can you make sure that you’re spending your money on the best mascara for your eyelash extension needs? These steps are a great place to get started.

  • Find the formula that you need. Many mascaras today offer a special effect. If you want evenly spaced lashes, then you will want a lighter formula. Straight lashes can benefit from a waxy formula to have some upward lift. Short lashes may need a lengthening formula. If you have sensitive eyes or allergy concerns, then a hypoallergenic mascara may be your best option.
  • Find the correct mascara brush. Mascara brushes that are thick, big, and bushy will generally create eyelashes with the same look, even if you’re wearing eyelash extensions. Brushes that offer spiked combs will give you separation. Smaller brushes that are thin, but still somewhat bushy, will give you more of a full look.
  • Find waterproofing if you need it. The issue with waterproof mascara is that it can tend to leave you with a ring around each eye. This ring can be difficult to remove, even when using a makeup remover intended for this specific product. A water-resistant mascara is going to be your best option so you don’t end up with streaks or looking like you didn’t get enough sleep last night.

You’ll then want to look at how the mascara is intended to be used. Many modern mascaras can be used on natural and false eyelashes without difficulty. There are some specific formulations, however, that require you to use them only on your real eyelashes or only on false eyelashes and extensions for the best results.

What to Look for in the Best Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Most mascaras today are chosen based on a specific objective. This means they will give you volume, add length, or accomplish some other specific need. You may need to purchase 3-5 different mascaras that all achieve the same type of result to make sure that you’re going to get what you need.

Purchase brand-name mascaras, but also try at least one other mascara that you haven’t heard of before when you’re trying to find the best possible results for your eyelashes.

When you apply a mascara to your eyelash extensions, look for anything that could turn you off from using this product in the future. There are three common issues that are typically considered at the beginning of using a new mascara.

  • Some mascaras just don’t go on smoothly. If you notice the mascara clumps on your eyelashes and the brush or comb isn’t removing them, then you will likely need to cast that mascara option aside and start using a different one.
  • Some mascaras just smell terrible. There’s no getting around that fact. If you don’t like the smell, then don’t use it. You’ll smell it all day and it isn’t something that you can just get used to having around.
  • If a mascara causes any itching, discomfort, or redness, then its use should be discontinued immediately. You may not be having an allergic reaction, but continued use may affect your eyes in a negative way.

When you’re applying a mascara to false eyelashes or extensions, you may find that the crumbly types just don’t sit very well on your lashes. You may discover more darkness on your cheeks and around your eyes simply because the mascara has fallen off. In this instance, and especially with plastic eyelashes, you’ll want to use a primer mascara. It will stick better to each lash, will be easier to create consistency, and give you a look that can last all day.

The Importance of Mascara Reviews

Because a mascara can provide two very different results to different people, it is important to read real customer reviews and product trial reports so you can make an investment which makes sense. Advertisements and paid reviews will usually stretch the truth when it comes to the benefits a mascara can provide in the hopes of getting a sale.

What you need are real product reviews from those who wear mascara on a daily basis with the same or similar needs to what you have. This will help you see what the product can do and let you know before you buy that it has the potential of meeting your needs.

And here’s an interesting fact: many mascara advertisements use false eyelashes to improve the look of the final product. That isn’t a bad thing, but it can be misleading if the model is wearing a different type of extension than you anticipate wearing.

How Much Does it Cost to get the Best Mascara Options for Eyelash Extensions?

Most people will be able to find a high quality mascara for eyelash extensions priced at less than $20. If all you want is something basic to darken and smooth your look, you may be able to find something for under $10. If you’re paying more than $50 for your mascara and it isn’t a multi-pack, then you’re likely paying too much.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites

Xtreme Lashes

The thickness of this product may cause some difficulties when trying to remove the mascara, especially if you are near the end of the life of your eyelash extensions. The mascara tends to pull at the lash a little, so if you wipe the eye downward to remove the makeup, you may find some lashes coming with you. You’ll need to be patient during the cleaning process, especially if the mascara is on false eyelashes.

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Simply Naked Beauty

Most waterproof mascaras tend to flake or cause skin shadows because they combine gels and fibers together to create a specific result. This mascara separates the gel mascara from the fiber mascara, giving you the chance to customize your look based on the needs of your eyelashes on any given day. Expect to receive about 80 applications from this mascara option. You’ll notice a difference in your length immediately. Even if you’re not wearing extensions or false eyelashes, people will think you are when wearing this particular mascara.

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Lashes and Cosmetics

This is an oil-free mascara that is perfect for virtually any lash extensions. It is a water-resistant product that sits lightly, doesn’t flake much at all, and goes on smoothly. We found it to be safe for all skin types, though some with very sensitive skin may not wish to use this product. It will give you a very dramatic look for your natural lashes or emphasize the key beauty points of your false lashes. When blended, it creates a natural, but emphasized look that you’re going to love.

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Silk Oil of Morocco

This mascara was easily the best mascara for eyelash extensions that we got the chance to look at. This fiber lash goes on easily, comes with a comprehensive guide so it can be applied consistently, and doesn’t feel bulky when applied. It’s a water-resistant product, but comes off pretty easily, so you won’t need to worry about damaging your lashes. Apply as many layers as you want to get the right thickness and length. It even works effectively with heated eyelash curlers.

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The best mascara for eyelash extensions needs to go on smoothly, be versatile, but also be light enough for all day wear. These are the best options that are available right now. Choose the one that meets your needs and then be prepared to look awesome each and every day.

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