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Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes

Not everyone has been blessed with incredible eyelashes. Some people prefer to enhance their natural eyelashes through the use of mascara and other makeup products. Others, like Katy Perry, prefer to utilize the benefits of the best natural-looking false eyelashes that are available right now. With the right set of eyelashes, you can instantly achieve the look you’ve wanted with little fuss or irritation.

The Best Chart for Natural Looking False Eyelashes

Some eyelashes are designed to offer a “fantasy” experience. They have crystals, gems, glitter, and other decorative elements attached directly to the lash. This chart has none of that. These are the best eyelashes, as rated by consumers, which will offer a natural look and wearing experience on a consistent basis.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Icona Lashes Reusable Handmade Cruelty-Free False Eyelashes 4.6

Mila by Timi Lashes Premium Quality Faux Mink False Eyelashes 4.5
Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes 4.7
Gold Rose Long and Natural Soft Reusable False Eyelashes 4.4
Amorus 100% Human Hair False Eyelashes 4.3
34 Model Luxury 3D False Eyelashes Extensions 4.2
de Prettilicious False Eyelashes 4.2
Red Cherry False Eyelashes #43 4.3
Arimika 3D Long Thick Handmade False Eyelashes 4.2
Arison Lashes 3D Siberian Mink False Lashes 4.3
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Are the Different Types of Natural Looking False Eyelashes?

One of the best reasons to embrace the benefits of wearing natural-looking false eyelashes is the fact that there is so much variation. You have several different varieties from which to choose, including the option to use mascara or to let the false eyelashes work their magic on their own.

There are three general types of false eyelashes that you will find within this category.

  • Cluster Eyelashes. These false eyelashes usually come packaged in a cluster of 8-10 eyelashes. They are designed to work with your natural eyelashes to “fill-in” missing spaces on the eyelid, both upper and lower, to complete your look.
  • Single Eyelashes. This is one of the most popular types of natural-looking false eyelashes. They are applied as individual strands, guaranteeing a look that feels natural, even to the wearer.
  • Strip Eyelashes. This is the type of false eyelashes to use if convenience is your primary concern. They are usually applied over the original lashes, making the eyes look fuller, darker, and bigger.

Strip eyelashes tend to be the most affordable option in this category because they come as a one-piece unit. You just apply the glue to the strip and place it on your eyelid, allowing your natural eyelids to serve as a foundation for the new look. The only problem is that strip eyelashes tend to look less than natural when being worn.

So what can you do if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money applying single eyelashes? You can actually cut the strip eyelashes into smaller pieces and apply those pieces individually.

This gives you more of a look that cluster false eyelashes can provide, but often at a better price.

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Natural Looking False Eyelashes

If you take good care of the best natural-looking false eyelashes, then they are going to take care of you on a daily basis.

You can wear many false eyelashes more than once, assuming that you are taking care of them in a proper way. Here are the steps you’ll want to follow to make sure that you can get more than one wearing session out of the false eyelashes that you’re purchasing today.

  1. Use a high quality makeup remover. Because an adhesive is holding the false eyelashes in place, you’ll need to use a makeup remover that will not cause fumes that could bother your eyes. Take your time removing the false eyelashes so they do not break as you carefully peel them away.
  2. Remove any excess adhesive immediately. There will often be some adhesive still sticking to the false eyelashes after they have been removed. This is especially true for strip-style false eyelashes. Take the time to remove this glue.
  3. Store the false eyelashes in an appropriate container. The best containers for your natural-looking false eyelashes should be airtight. This will prevent any dust or debris from affecting the quality of the false eyelashes.

Why do you need to make sure that your false eyelashes are completely clean and stored in a container that is airtight? It is because eyelash extensions can pose health risks when worn on a consistent basis.

If dirt or debris gets into the false eyelash, then it can get into your eye as well when the natural-looking eyelashes are being worn. This can cause irritation or even an infection if the foreign material is not removed from the eye over time.

Allergic reactions are a common issue when wearing false eyelashes as well. Not only can the materials of the false eyelash cause an allergy, but also the adhesive and the makeup remover that is used to clean off the adhesive after a day of wearing the eyelashes. This may cause redness around the eyes, puffiness, swelling, and even a discoloration of the eyes.

How You Can Prevent Common Issues with Natural Looking False Eyelashes

The primary issue that needs to be addressed when wearing false eyelashes is their removal. If you place the false eyelashes too close to your natural lashes, then the adhesive can get into your lashes and pull out the hairs when you remove the false eyelashes. This action creates a trauma within the eyelid that can lead to infections and swelling.

Many women, especially those who are wearing false eyelashes for the first time, tend to tug and pull on their new eyelashes because there may be a light irritation or they are not used to the heaviness of the extra lashes in place. This tugging and pulling can damage the natural lashes and cause eye irritation. Preventing this means removing the temptation to tug or pull on the new lashes.

To prevent these issues, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before applying or removing the false eyelashes. Use soap and warm water, then use a lint-free dry cloth. Do not allow your false eyelashes to be worn by anyone else. If your eyes are irritated for some reason, do not wear the false eyelashes that day.

How Much Does it Cost to get the Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes?

Natural-looking false eyelashes tend to be the most expensive option on the market today. This is because they are generally made from natural hair. Be watchful of actual mink false eyelashes being sold in this category. A single set of eyelashes may cost upwards of $25 and could be as much as $200. Most will find a good multi-day wear option for $75 or less right now.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites

Icona Love Story

These beautiful natural-looking false eyelashes have a remarkably comfortable feel. They blend in well with your own natural lashes and will make your length stand out. It’s a false eyelash that is reusable up to 7 times with proper care and has enough stability to be worn all day long without difficulty. They can be curled, accept mascara well, and will definitely draw more attention to your eyes. If you’re looking for a way to take your lashes to the next level, you’re going to want to give these a try today.

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Mila by Timid

This six-pack of lashes can give you up to 4-6 weeks of daily lash improvements if they are properly cared for. They are designed for comfort and you will notice the difference in these lashes almost immediately. Each one is completely made by hand, giving the lash a very natural look even though these are synthetic lashes. They are surprisingly light, soft like natural lashes, and are a cruelty-free product.

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If you’re looking to create a natural, but glamorous look, then these Wispies are the best natural-looking false eyelashes to consider wearing. They are extremely easy to apply and take off and are potentially reusable. They won’t give you that lash line “strip” look either, but still improve the overall length and appearance of your own lashes. When applied properly, your lashes look dense and you won’t have to worry about them hitting your glasses. Expect about 3-5 uses per pair.

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Gold Rose

If you like to change up your look every so often, but you still want to have a natural look, then this will be the best set of false eyelashes to meet your needs. You’ll receive 50 pairs in 5 different styles so that you can always have the specific look you want. Each style comes in black and can be reused when given proper cleaning and care. Just be careful when using cotton products around these lashes as the fibers can sometimes get a bit stuck.

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If you want authentic lashes, then this is your best option. They are handmade from human hair, so their weight and feel is completely natural. Considering the price on these lashes, we were surprised with their overall quality. You can curl them effectively and clean them repeatedly and they still hold up. They are even strong enough to be worn for days at a time without much personal maintenance involved.

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The best natural looking false eyelashes will give you the perfect look with very little effort. Grab your preferred options today and you’ll be able to duplicate a salon look for a fraction of the price.

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