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Best Non-Heated Eyelash Curlers

Having a little curl and lift with your eyelashes is a great thing. Whether they are natural lashes or you’re using the best false eyelashes to meet your needs, the best non-heated eyelash curlers can help you to feel confident. It can make you feel more attractive. Most importantly, it will help you achieve your best look in a consistent way.

The Best Chart for Non-Heated Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are a very common product. You can find them in department stores, thrift shops, and through numerous websites. With all of these different models, how can you make sure that you’re purchasing the best option to meet your needs? The chart below allows you to quickly compare and contrast the top-rated non-heated curlers that are available for purchase right now.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Fuchsia Line Deluxe Eyelash Curler 4.1
Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler 4.4
Petunia Skincare Professional Eyelash Curler 4.0
Zenda Naturals Professional Eyelash Curler 4.4
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler with Silicone Refill 4.0
EmaxDesign Pinch and Pain Free Metal Eyelash Curler 4.0
Suprent Long Lasting Perfect Magic Eye Eyelash Curler 4.6
Shiseido Eyelash Curler and Refill Set 4.0
Bella and Bear Eyelash Curler 4.1
LiveWire Beauty Professional Eyelash Curler 4.0
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Are the Different Types of Non-Heated Eyelash Curlers?

There are three components to look at when shopping for a brand new non-heated eyelash curler: precision, design, and performance. Each tends to use a standard clamping mechanism that features metal, plastic, or a combination of both. Different sizes are also available to make bringing an eyelash curler along on a trip a simple proposition.

For the non-heated type of curler, you’ll find that there are three different types available to consider.

  • These curlers allow you to clamp down on your eyelashes to provide them with some extra curl and lift. Often made from metal with plastic or rubber inserts, you’ll be able to get 1-2 months of use out of this type of curler before the insert needs to be replaced. You must press firmly in order to receive the best possible results.
  • This non-heated curler is almost exactly the same as a heated curler – just without the heat. Using a comb or lever, the device does the clamping so your fingers don’t have to do it.
  • These miniature eyelash curlers operate the same way as the other two types, but offer less leverage in return for a smaller size that is more convenient for packing into an overnight bag.

Choosing the right type means figuring out what the specific needs of your lashes happens to be. You want to achieve lift and curl, but you don’t want to be ripping your lashes out of your eyelid in order to do it. You also don’t want to end up with a crimp in your lashes instead of a curl.

Look for the right size to meet your physical needs above anything else. The curler should be able to curl all of your lashes, even false eyelashes, at once. Using a curler that is too small will often create inconsistent results and risk the chance of having lashes pulled out.

How to Properly Use a Non-Heated Eyelash Curler

Automatic non-heated eyelash curlers are pretty self-explanatory. Just run the brush or comb through the lashes to the tips, engage the curling mechanism, and the machine does the work for you.

For the mechanical curlers, which includes most travel-sized curlers, the technique of curling is one that can sometimes be difficult to master more than the process of use. Just slide your fingers into the proper place, put the curler in the correct location for your lashes, and then press until the pads are contacting with pressure.

Always use gentle pressure. The thumb and first finger can generate a lot of torque, which can result in more of a crimp than an actual curl. Then pull your hand upward lightly so that your lashes can have some extra lift. Start from the base of the lash and work your way toward the tip without tugging at all.

It generally takes several clamps of a non-heated eyelash curler to begin seeing results. Expect to take at least 2-3 minutes per eye, especially when you’re first getting started with this process.

If you wish to increase the curling speed, you can heat up many mechanical curlers with a blow dryer or under hot water. Just remember that the pads are usually made of rubber and may not be rated for heat or moisture exposure. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines about adding a heat source before doing so that you can achieve the best possible results.

Once you’ve curled the lashes, they will be ready for a mascara application. You can also choose to comb through the lashes to give yourself more definition.

We highly recommend this eyelash comb from Tweezerman.

How to Care for Your New Non-Heated Eyelash Curler

Proper care of a non-heated eyelash curler is essential to getting the most out of this investment. Many curlers are given a non-corrosive plating over a steel or stainless steel frame. Storing it in an environment that is not prone to high levels of moisture will extend its life. In other words, a drawer in the bathroom isn’t usually the best place, especially if the product receives a scratch or two.

An eyelash curler must also be stored somewhere it will not be exposed to dirt or debris. Contaminating the pads of the curler can affect its ability to lift and curl your lashes and could cause the debris to get into your eyes.

Make sure that you change the pads on a regular basis. If you use your eyelash curler daily, then 60 days is the longest a non-heated eyelash curler pad will generally last.

Although some non-heated curlers are designed to work after you put on your mascara, it is generally a better idea to apply mascara after you lift and curl. Otherwise you risk having the mascara get onto the curler and limiting the life of the pads. Mascara and then curling with a non-heated curler will also increase the chances of clumping and sticking.

How Much Does it Cost to get the Best Non-Heated Eyelash Curlers?

Non-heated eyelash curlers are one of the best bargain beauty purchases that you’ll find. You have several models that are available for less than $10.

Except cheaper isn’t always better in this category. For consistency, long-term wear, and better corrosion-resistance, look for non-heated curlers that are priced in the $15-$30 range for good results.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites


Sure. It’s got a lifetime warranty, so there’s some confidence in this product’s ability to perform. There’s also the fact that unlike many other mechanical eyelash curlers, you won’t need to replace or refill any pads thanks to the hyperelastic silicon pad this product uses. Pinching and pulling is kept to a minimum as well. This means your job is simple: use the scissors-like handle to create a consistent curl that will make you look fabulous all day long.

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Fuchsia Line

This eyelash curler might look a little bulkier than other models, but it does an amazing job on many different eye shapes. Even deep-set eyes can receive lash curling benefits with this product without the pulling that typically happens. The added stainless steel within the design gives your grip a lot of stability, while the ergonomics of the overall shape will give you a lot of leverage when working with your lashes. The grip even includes spring action so that weaker grips can still achieve a fantastic look.

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Brilliant Beauty

When you need volume in your lashes and don’t want to worry about a heated curler, then this is the mechanical option for you. Even when you try to pull or tug your lashes, it doesn’t happen with this precision tool. Forget about broken lashes and start worrying about the total amount of curl that you’re able to achieve. With effective plating, a longer curl surface, and a calibrated hinge that works flawlessly, you’ll be able to achieve a uniform amount of pressure every single time.

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Petunia Skincare

If you don’t like the scissors-grip that comes on many of the best non-heated eyelash curlers, then give this lever action option a try. It’s more like using a pair of pliers, but the end result is some nicely curled lashes. When your style needs to be big and bold, the silicone pads on this curler will provide you with the right amount of pressure every time. You won’t feel chaffing or rubbing irritation on your hands when using this curler either. It’s effective, affordable, and will make your lashes look gorgeous 24/7.

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Zenda Naturals

Sometimes you don’t need a massive amount of lift or curl. The best looks are sometimes a small enhancement of what you naturally have. That’s what this mechanical eyelash curler can provide. You’ll be able to open up your look just a bit, brighten the eyes, and enhance what you’ve got without pulling or pinching in the corners of the eye. It’s wide enough to prevent damage, strong enough to get the job done for years to come, and is about the price of a good sandwich on your lunch break. Get it and you won’t regret it.

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The best non-heated eyelash curlers offer a simple and portable way for you to achieve some lift and curl whenever you need it. Find your preferred model, take it with you to work or while you travel, and you’ll always be able to look your best.

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