Does Olive Oil Help Eyelashes Grow?

Olive oil is known to help moisturize skin, even skin that is chronically dry and rough. It can add some extra shine to dull hair, reduce tangling, and give the follicles strength. These benefits are also seen when olive oil is applied to the eyelashes.

Because olive oil can come in several different varieties, it is important to note the type of oil being used. The best olive oil should be extra virgin and not contain any additives, such as garlic, herbs, or spices.

Why extra virgin olive oil? Because it has 67% less acid content than virgin olive oils and this helps you prevent problems with the eye during the application process.

How Does Olive Oil Cause Eyelashes to Grow?

Olive oil had numerous nutrients and vitamins in it thanks to the pressing process of the olives. These healthy components infuse themselves into the hair and the follicle, adding strength to the eyelash and encouraging it to grow. For many people, their eyelashes do not receive enough nutrients, so this limits their growth. Applying olive oil can reverse this process.

The process of applying olive oil is a simple one.

  • Place the olive oil onto a plate, into a bowl, or another container.
  • Use a small brush and coat it with oil. You want enough to saturate the brush or applicator, but not enough that olive oil drips from the brush or applicator when you lift it up.
  • Use strokes that start at the eyelid and extend outward toward the tip of the lash.

Just one application per day is enough to begin seeing lengthening and strengthening results in 4-6 weeks.

Some individuals find that increasing the amount of olive oil they consume in their diet helps to supplement the results they can see when directly brushing the oil onto their eyelashes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Olive Oil?

We may be just beginning to understand the countless ways olive oil can improve our health and our lives.

Olive oil is a very effective antioxidant. It naturally helps the body be able to combat the free radicals and other contaminants that can limit how the body functions. When combined with its moisturizing benefits, even a topical application can promote more energy and better overall health.

Olive oil can also potentially slow down the development of certain diseases, including some cancers, and it may promote hearing health. It may also reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, prevent strokes, and encourage the heart to age properly.

For those at a high risk of osteoporosis, the use of olive oil may help to reinforce current bone strength and could even help to promote new bone growth.

This is in addition to making eyelashes feel softer, become stronger, and encourage additional length.

Is There Any Olive Oil in Your Home Right Now?

Olive oil is one of nature’s wonders. Not only can it promote better health, but it can also help your eyelashes to grow.

We highly recommend using Swanson Certified 100% Organic extra virgin olive oil that comes from a cold-pressing process.

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Brush the olive oil onto your eyelashes 1-2 times per day and you should start seeing results in about a month.

Have you used olive oil for longer eyelashes? What results were you able to achieve?

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