Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Eyelashes

The first thing that most people notice about someone when they first meet them is their eyes. With longer eyelashes and other enhancement techniques, a positive first impression can be created. More attention is given to the advice you have to offer.

It is an affordable way to feel confident about yourself, improve your self-esteem, and accomplish your to-do list every day. Eyelash extensions can help you change your mindset so that you can be the person you see yourself being.

And your reflection will look fantastic too.

Yet many avoid eyelash extensions because they have questions about wearing them. Do eyelash extensions hurt? Are they safe to wear? How much do they cost if you wear them full-time?

Don’t let these questions hold you back.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Eyelash extensions can be very affordable… or they can be very expensive. Much of the pricing is determined by where you live, which salon you use, and the materials used to create the extensions in the first place.

If you receive professional extensions, you can expect to pay about $150 at the minimum for a full set. In some areas, using premium materials, a full set could cost upwards of $400. For this reason, a half-set becomes a more affordable option since they typically cost less than $100 in most instances.

An alternative to eyelash extensions is to use false eyelashes. These are more temporary enhancements around the eyes, but give you a lot of variety in looks. You can have natural-looking false lashes, long false lashes, and they may come in a wide variety of colors.

False lashes can be made in a variety of colors and materials. Some have crystals, copper wiring, and other decorations adorning them as well. Entry-level false lashes are priced online for about $20 for a set, while premium lashes may be upwards of $150 for a set.

Bottom line: don’t be tempted by a back alley salon offering $10 eyelash extensions. They might be fantastic, but with this beauty enhancement, you typically get what you pay for.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?


Temporary eyelash extensions will only last for a day. These are the false lashes that you typically put on and take off at home.

If you go to a salon to have professional extensions, you will be able to continue wearing them until the eyelashes fall out. This means you may have 4-6 weeks of wear with your extensions, although may salons do recommend coming in for a touch-up every 2-3 weeks to make sure that your look stays consistent.

The amount of time that you’ll get out of your extensions will depend on how you care for them and what the demands of your lifestyle happen to be. Humidity, cold weather, hot weather, and if you shower instead of taking a bath will affect the duration of the eyelash extensions.

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

For temporary eyelash extensions, the process is rather simple.

  1. Take the temporary extensions out of their packaging. Make sure they are clean.
  2. Cut the eyelash extensions to a size that corresponds with your eyelids. If using a strip lash, you may wish to cut the extension to create a more natural look.
  3. Apply a thin strip of glue to the back of the strip and press gently, but firmly, to your eyelid. Hold there based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  4. Add any beauty treatments to the extensions once they have dried.

Knowing how to apply eyelash extensions that are permanent requires an additional set of steps and skills. This video will show you how to apply individual eyelash extensions at home so you don’t necessarily need to pay the cost of a salon visit.

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions typically have a good bit of natural curl to them already. Many are satisfied with their look once the extensions are in place. If you do feel that more curl is required, then it is recommended that you use one of the best heated eyelash curlers that is available.

This is because mechanical eyelash curlers could damage the extensions. There is also a small risk that your natural lashes could be damaged by a mechanical device.

This recommendation applies to temporary and permanent eyelash extensions. Mechanical curlers are designed for natural lashes only in almost every circumstance.

You can also apply mascara to eyelash extensions if you wish, although the extensions do offer the dark, full effect that mascara offers. If you decide to use mascara, you will want to make sure you are using a water-based mascara only. Waterproof or oil-based mascaras can dissolve the bonding agents on your lash extensions, causing them to fall out prematurely.

Removing mascara from eyelash extensions requires the use of a water-based makeup remover. Avoid any products that say it will “dissolve” your eye makeup. You may also wish to avoid eye makeup remover wipes if you are needing to clean your eyelash extensions.

What Types of Eyelash Extensions Are There?

If you’re wanting to enhance your look with eyelash extensions, then there are several options which are available to you right now.

  • Mink lashes are generally faux lashes today, but this is something you will want to verify before purchasing the extensions. Mink lashes tend to look and feel the most like real lashes. They aren’t too heavy, aren’t really lightweight, and have a natural curl and shape to them.
  • These eyelash extensions may be temporary or permanent. They may be made from plastics, synthetic fibers, or a combination of the two. These are typically the heaviest eyelash extensions, but will also provide you with a look that is really thick.
  • Silk lashes are also quite heavy and will provide you with a full look.
  • This type of fur lash, often faux these days, are the thinnest and softest extensions that you can wear right now. They are recommended for those who have lashes that are naturally thin already.

So how can you tell the difference between real mink lashes and faux mink lashes if you can’t get information from the manufacturer or your salon?

Real mink lashes tend to come from the tail of the animal. Two different types of mink are generally used for their fur to create the extensions: Chinese mink and Siberian mink. Because of this fact, you will notice a slight amount of natural curl and roughness to the final eyelash product. Any curl that is applied to the lashes will be temporary.

With faux mink lashes, the curl to them is permanent.

If you’re looking for a temporary lash extension, the synthetic lashes tend to be the best choice. They are more affordable and are easy to use at home. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, the other eyelash extension options will provide you with better results.

Are There Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Permanent eyelash extensions may last for up to 8 weeks, depending on the hair growth that an individual experiences due to their metabolism. Most people will see permanent extensions last for 4-6 weeks with proper care. Depending on current weather conditions and treatment habits, however, permanent lashes may only last 7-14 days.

One way to make sure that you are getting the longest possible life out of your extensions is to make sure that you keep water away from them for up to 24 hours after the application. Water can weaken the adhesive as it is setting, which may cause some of the lashes to fall off.

Afterward, you can participate in any water activities with the same amount of risk to your eyelash extensions as you would have to your natural lashes.

Permanent extensions come with the same variety as temporary or false eyelashes. Synthetic permanent extensions tend to be the most affordable, but their weight also creates a higher risk of an adverse reaction to their use. Mink permanent lashes tend to be the best option, but you must determine if the mink lashes were obtained through cruelty-free methods or are just referred to as “mink” as a method of marketing them.

How You Can Remove Eyelash Extensions Safely

If you’re wearing temporary eyelash extensions, then eventually you’ll need to take them off if they haven’t fallen off already. There are 5 steps to follow that will help you make sure that the extensions come off properly and will not hurt your eyes or your eyelids in the process.

#1. Make sure your face is clean. Everything needs to be clean. Any mascara, eye makeup, and dust from the day has to go. Make sure that you can see the ends of your real lashes to make sure there isn’t anything trapped there either before beginning. Your eyes will thank you for this inspection and effort.

#2. Get some steam ready to go. The fastest way to begin the steaming process is to heat up a mug of water in your microwave. The best way to go, however, is to use a humidifier. You can also begin to heat up a pan of water if you prefer. Get the water heated so that you can start to see the steam begin to rise.

#3. Begin to steam your face. Drape a towel over your head so that the steam will get trapped. Make sure that your face isn’t too close to the heat so you don’t burn your skin. You want to hold your face where it feels warm and moist, but not so far away that you can’t feel any heat or too close where it feels like your face is becoming crispy. Find your comfort zone and stay there for about 10 minutes.

#4. Apply your removal agent. Use a lint-free sponge or pad and your favorite removal agent. In a pinch, you can also use olive oil or coconut oil. Saturate the sponge or pad with the remover and then carefully run it over your lashes. You’ll need to do this repeatedly and very gently. Over time, the eyelash extensions will begin to come off. Be patient with the process and it will work.

#5. Moisturize. Once the extensions have come off, you may need to remove any lingering adhesive. Then moisturize your eyelids and give everything a good rinse. This will remove any residues that remain.

If you’re wearing false eyelashes, there is a good chance that you could wear them again if you give them a good cleaning as well. Gently remove any adhesive that remains, wipe away any dirt or debris, and allow them to dry overnight.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions give you the kind of look that you want. There is enough variety with extension products today that anyone can achieve a specific look. Whether you want something dramatic like Beyonce, something natural, or something that is funky and fun like Katy Perry, you have options at every price point to make it happen.

Eyelash extensions are also easy to put on, especially if you prefer to use the best temporary false lashes that are on the market right now. Even a visit to the salon shouldn’t involve more than an hour of work or so – not including any wait time you may experience.

On the other hand, there are some common issues with eyelash extensions that just about everyone experiences at some point. These issues can cause discomfort and even make it difficult to wear extensions for a prolonged period of time.

Eyelash extensions will also fall out at some point – even the permanent ones. This means that you’ll need to continually replace the extensions to maintain your look. Over time, this process can damage your healthy lashes and force you into a place where you feel like you must have extensions.

Common Issues with Eyelash Extensions and How to Solve Them

Eyelash extensions can pose health risks. Consumer Reports has created a full report on the potential risks.

The most common issue involves allergies and reactions which occur because of the higher histamine levels. Many people who experience an allergic reaction will see redness around their eyes. The skin around the eyes may begin to get puffy and swell up. Some people may even experience hives, itchiness, or more severe reactions.

If you have trouble breathing during an allergic reaction, it is necessary to receive immediate medical attention.

Otherwise you will need to remove the eyelash extensions, any adhesive or makeup used, and clean the area thoroughly. An allergy medication may also be recommended.

Infections are another common issue with eyelash extensions. All it takes is a small poke to the eye to begin creating the conditions for an infection to occur. Accidentally pulling out an eyelash also creates a trauma within the eyelid which can create an infection. In this instance, it is necessary to clean the area thoroughly and keep it clean. Your medical provider may also provide you with antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection.

Repeated use of eyelash extensions can also cause the natural lashes to fall out completely, leaving no lashes to protect the eye once the life of the extensions is over. In this instance, it is often necessary to allow the natural eyelashes to regrow before extensions can be used once again.

Are All Eyelash Extensions Safe to Wear?

In general terms, eyelash extensions are safe to wear. There may be certain types of extensions that are less safe to wear than others at the individual level, but this is not a product that is designed to hurt you.

The Huffington Post offers several tips that you need to know before heading to the salon if you want to receive professional eyelash extensions. This will help you be able to identify which extensions will be the safest for you to use.

You will not go blind if you are using eyelash extensions. If you do happen to experience any discomfort during the process, especially if you feel a burning sensation, then stop what you are doing or say something immediately. This is usually a reaction to the glue that is being used to apply extensions.

Eyelash extensions should be a pain-free experience.

Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

Yes! Eyelash extensions are a fantastic way to give yourself the look you want. They will draw attention to your eyes, help you feel confident, and won’t break your budget in the process.

If you’re thinking about getting eyelash extensions, then the best false eyelashes are a good place to start. You can begin to see if this updated look is the one you want and you have the option to try several different looks if you prefer.

A set of false eyelashes to test out a new look, along with the adhesive and cleaner to treat them right, will cost you less than taking the family out for dinner somewhere. It really is that affordable.

Don’t underestimate your lashes. It could be the key to unlocking the positive first impression you want people to have.

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