Famous Lashes: Adele’s Eyelashes

Since the 2013 Grammy Awards when Adele came out with some killer lashes, her look has been sought after by many. Her looks are always slightly varied for red carpet events and tend to have a classic, iconic look from years gone by. It creates eye fashion that is current, polished, elegant, and individualized.

In order to perfect Adele’s eyelashes, a proper amount of preparation needs to take place. Foundation is massaged into the area and then mascara is applied near the inner tear ducts, then through the T-zone and the high planes.

Eyeliner is also an integral component of Adele’s unique looks. By emphasizing the outer corner and giving the liner extra shape and volume along the upper eyelid, countless dramatic looks can be obtained.

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Eyelashes Require the Entire Package to Shine

Adele’s eyelashes stand out as part of her signature look, but this is only because each component of her fashion is emphasized in its own unique way. Time is taken to work on the brows, for example, so they are groomed and shaped to compliment the look of the lashes. She usually uses a clear brow set for grooming and then a brow pencil to create specific points of emphasis.

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Adele minimizes the use of eye shadow so that her look can be completed. You’ll notice that a subtle amount of highlighting is utilized right on the brow bone. This is followed up with some gentle contouring within the region. Look to add dimension with a cream foundation base and then the eye shadow color of your choice.

A specific lipstick is usually chosen to complete the look as well. Adele tends to prefer beige lipsticks so that more focus is placed on her eyes than her lips. If you prefer to use a colored shadow product, you may wish to coordinate the color of the shadow and the lipstick or gloss you wish to use for best results.

Adele Uses a Gel Liner for Many of Her Looks

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Start the application at the inner corner of the eye and then extend to the outer corner, ending with just a bit of a flick to add character to the eye without the look seeming narrow.

Then for some looks, Adele also utilizes false lashes along the entire upper line. With the double row of lashes in place, mascara from Lancome is then used to build up the look from the bottom, and then the top. Once applied, then brush them out to avoid clumping and inconsistent colorization.

Adele’s eyelashes tell a story that is as rich as her music. These steps will help you to duplicate that look at home if you wish.

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