Famous Lashes: Katy Perry’s Eyelashes

Katy Perry is famous for her quirky eyelashes that are a reflection of her personality. Although they are clearly false lashes, it has become part of her trademark look. It is also a look you can replicate yourself if you wish with her line of Katy Perry Lashes.

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So how does Katy Perry maintain a consistent look using false eyelashes without all of the mess, swelling, or irritation that everyone else seems to have from time to time? According to Perry, she learned how to apply false lashes by watching YouTube instructional videos.

“Not all of us are blessed with really super-long and full natural lashes,” Perry told People magazine in 2012. “False lashes can be our secret weapon to get a fresh look.

It is possible to apply false eyelashes quickly and safely just like Katy Perry does. If you have 3 minutes of time, this instructional video can help you build up your own skills just like Perry did in the past.

You can also follow these 4 steps if you’re ready to have eyelashes that look like Katy Perry’s lashes on a regular basis.

#1. Apply mascara to your natural eyelashes first. When you’re wearing false eyelashes, it becomes necessary to provide them with a foundation to rest upon. You can do this by preparing your natural eyelashes with an even cut and then a direct application of mascara before you begin to put the false eyelashes into place.

#2. Cut your false eyelashes to fit properly. It’s easier to apply two sides of a false eyelash to an eyelid than it is to apply one full lash strip. Creating large individualized lashes will create a look that is more natural and will avoid the strange asymmetrical looks that can happen if the eyelash glue doesn’t set properly on the eyelid.

#3. Add adhesive directly to the base of the false eyelash. You’ll want to trace each lash band one at a time for best results. Use only a small, razor-thin line of adhesive for the best results. It will take a few moments for the glue to dry. Remember: glue fumes can irritate the eye and cause redness, swelling, and surrounding puffiness. Avoid putting the glue in the eye. Follow all product instructions should this occur.

#4. Put the tweezers away. Use your fingers to place the false eyelashes into their preferred location. Start with the outer corner first and then work your way toward the inner corner of the eye. Using tweezers will just increase the chances of an eye being poked or the false eyelash sticking to the tool. If you place the outer extension a little above the natural line, you’ll create a lifting effect that can dramatically emphasize the eye.

You will also want to avoid the tear duct with your false lashes to give more width to the eye. This will prevent them from looking and feeling narrow.

Katy Perry loves her false eyelashes and you will too – once you know how to correctly put them on. It also helps to have the best false eyelashes available to you to create your signature stunning look.

What false eyelashes are your favorite brands? How would you recommend putting them on?

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