Famous Lashes: Kim Kardashian’s Eyelashes

When it comes to modern eyelashes that are famous, one only has to look at the Kardashian family to see some incredible lashes on display. What makes Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes so noticeable is her signature spaced-apart look. How is that specific look achieved?

According to Hrush Achemyan, a makeup artist for the Kardashian family, the secret is to do all of the fringing by hand. When combined with certain bronzers and your preferred mascara, you can enhance your natural beauty in a way that draws attention in a similar fashion.

There are 6 steps to follow in order for you to replicate the results that Kim Kardashian gets to enjoy every day.

#1. Pump your eyelash curler repeatedly. It isn’t good enough to just squeeze and hold the eyelash curler along the base of your upper eyelashes to get the right look. Hold the eyelash curler at the upper base for a few seconds, but then pump the curler a few more times as you work toward the end of the lashes to get the best results.

#2. Apply your eyelash primer differently. It helps to press in your eyelash primer and then “wiggle” it around a little bit before you pull away. This helps the primer to settle along the base of the eyelashes so that they’ll look a bit fuller and slightly more spaced apart. Then you can run your eyelash comb through the lashes to begin creating a more even look.

#3. Trace your waterline. You’ll enhance the look of your eyelashes by adding color right along the waterline. Use a black pencil to do this and focus on filling in the spaces that are between the lashes to create a look that appears fuller, but still offers the signature Kim Kardashian look. This lets your eyelashes look dense instead of lined.

#4. Smooth the mascara wand into the base. Drag the wand to the tips of each lash and keep repeating until you reach the inner corner of the eye. Resist the temptation to stick the wand back into the tube. What is on your wand will need to last for the entire upper row of lashes.

#5. Twirl your bottom lashes. With gentle back-and-forth movements, you will want to place the wand underneath your bottom lashes and twirl the wand away from you. Keep your chin tilted downward while you do this. If you find clumping is becoming an issue, try pinching the tips of the lashes to get rid of them. A dry brush can help you create a clean look if multiple lashes are sticking together.

#6. Do a final examination. You’ll want to step back and look at each individual eye after you’ve finished creating your look. Use a lash comb to finalize your look. If you have extra mascara, a cotton swab with a small amount of makeup remover can take care of that situation.

Kim Kardashian’s lashes come from a healthy dose of manual work and the perfect application of mascara, bronzer, and similar products. If you follow these steps, you can replicate that look at home for yourself.

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