How to Dye or Tint Your Eyelashes

If you want to know how to dye or tint your eyelashes, the first thing you must do is get those lashes clean. There cannot be anything on those lashes. No makeup, mascara, dust – absolutely nothing. This includes any mascara or makeup removers that may have left residual oils on your lashes. Soap and water are the best to use, though an oil-free remover may also provide the results you need.

Then you’re going to need an eyelash dying or tinting kit. We highly recommend the tinting kits that are available from Godefroy, such as this one: Click here to check pricing on Amazon and find the best deal.

The best tinting kits will give you a natural color restoration or your preferred shade, color, or tint without any ammonia or odor. Look for kits that will give you at least 1,000 hours of wear before requiring another application.

Once you’ve cleaned the lashes and you’ve got your kit, you’ll be ready to follow these additional steps.

#1. Squeeze out your color and gel activator. Most kits will provide you with an applicator surface that instructs you to fill up two circles. One is for the cream color and the second is for the gel activator. You can also use a tray or another flat surface, but remember that this dye or tint will stain the surface it is on, so don’t use bathroom counters, kitchen counters, or anything else that would be ruined.

#2. Consider using the eye shields. Some people do not experience staining or irritation on their skin when the dye or tint comes into contact with it. Others find the eye shields too cumbersome to use. If your skin is irritated or colored because of the dye or tint, however, you’ll need to use the shields. Use at your discretion.

#3. Apply the cream color to the lashes. It is easier to apply the color to the lashes one strip at a time. Do not be tempted to save time by doing the entire eye or both eyes at the same time. Clumping happens often when applying the color, so be prepared to brush out the lashes after to create a consistent look. You’ll want to make sure you have color on the tips of the lashes as well, which is an easy step to miss.

#4. Apply the gel activator. How aggressive you are with the gel activator depends on your sensitivity to the product. You’ll want to apply it to the length of the lash, but contact with the eyelid may cause irritation. Once the activator is applied, wait for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer.

#5. Remove the dye or tint. Use a clean tissue to remove the dye or tint. There really isn’t a “right” way to do this. Do your best to avoid putting the product into your eyes because it will burn.

You’ll then want to repeat these steps for every lash area that is treated.

Do you have a preferred eyelash dye or tint that you use? What steps do you follow to dye or tint your eyelashes?

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