How to Get Longer Eyelashes

Eyelashes that look thin and short make it difficult to achieve the best-ever look. Eyelashes that are thick and long draw attention to the eyes, which are said to be windows into one’s very soul.

There are several factors that can influence the thickness and length of your eyelashes. Your age, the foods you eat, and even some medical conditions can affect how your eyelashes look. Certain actions, such as rubbing your eyes, can also affect thickness in length.

This means if you want to know how to get longer eyelashes, the best things to do is get into a routine of proper care. When your eyelashes are happy and healthy, then they will be thicker and longer. Then you can follow these additional steps to naturally increase the length of your eyelashes.

#1. Apply Castor Oil

One of the most common home remedies for longer eyelashes is castor oil. It’s also an ingredient in many of the best eyelash serums that are available right now. The benefit of using castor oil is that it can eliminate the microorganisms which may stop eyelashes from growing properly. Apply the castor oil with a brush before going to bed and then rinse with lukewarm water in the morning.

If castor oil isn’t an option, then olive oil is an equal substitute. As an added benefit, olive oil infuses your eyelashes with vitamin E for a look that is longer and fuller over time.

#2. Brush Them Out

Brushing your eyelashes can help them to grow longer. Dirt and dust can cause clogged pores, which can prevent the eyelashes achieving their natural growth rate. After brushing out your eyelashes, you will want to apply an oil to them using upward strokes with each brush and always starting from the root.

Brush your eyelashes for at least two times per day for a minimum of 5 minutes each session to begin seeing results.

#3. Massage Your Eyelids

An eyelid massage improves blood flow to that region of the body. This increases the oxygenation that the eyelash roots receive, encouraging them to grow faster, longer, and thicker. For those who struggle with eyelash breakage or thinning, daily massages over a 14-21 day period can kickstart the repair process.

#4. Use Aloe Vera

One reason for eyelash problems is a lack of moisture around the eyelids and the follicles of the eyelashes themselves. This can be particularly problematic over the winter months. Aloe Vera is

a natural moisturizer that will infuse several different nutrients and vitamins so that the eyelashes received what they need.

#5. Mix Lemon Peels with Oil

The peels of a lemon will not only add volume to your eyelashes, but they will also promote additional growth thanks to the citrus vitamins. This method can be tricky to use because the citric acid can sting the eyes, so try mixing lemon peels with castor oil or olive oil for better results. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for the citric benefits to infuse into the oil.

Knowing how to get longer eyelashes means finding out what is preventing them from growing and then taking an action that is customized to that need. These 5 options are proven to work.

How do you encourage longer, thicker, or fuller eyelashes? Is there a home remedy that has worked for you?

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