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This eyelash glue has a drying time that can be as fast as 1 second. This means it is best used under professional conditions because it can be very easily to get lashes stuck together when using it at home. The bonding power of the Alluring Bad Azz Powerful Eyelash Extension Glue is consistent and strong, with a half-life of up to 8 weeks depending on customer care and having it properly applied.

You will want to use this glue in a highly ventilated environment. The fumes can be quite strong. If the fumes build up enough, they can not only bother the eyes of the client, but it could bother your eyes as well.

Here are our other observations that we documented when taking a look at this adhesive recently.

#1. It does not work well for those who have sensitive skin. If sensitive skin is an issue for you or for a client, then this is not the adhesive you will want to use. It tends to leave a tingling sensation when applied to everyone, but magnifies to a burning sensation on more sensitive skin. It may even leave what appears to be burn marks at the application point and cause swelling and puffiness.

#2. Don’t train with this adhesive. The drying time of this adhesive is probably going to be faster than you expect at first. It is not very forgiving and almost instantly bonds to whatever it touches. You’ve got to move quickly and efficiently to make sure you get things right with it. When you do get it right, the bond that is achieved is one of the best that we’ve ever seen for individual eyelash extensions.

#3. Give yourself a 5-minute window. The fumes from this glue tend to linger after it has been applied. The manufacturer recommends blowing on the lashes for up to 5 minutes before having a client open their eyes. We’d recommend a well-ventilated environment instead that doesn’t have a high humidity level for best results. Encourage clients to keep their eyes tightly closed for this entire period of time to avoid burning, inflammation, and swelling from the fumes and adhesive application.

#4. The shelf life of this glue is not long. This adhesive would work well in a high capacity environment where you would likely go through a bottle of adhesive in about a week, if not faster. If you don’t do much extension work, then you will find that this glue will go bad faster than your average adhesive. Should the bottle remain unopened, however, the shelf life is rated for up to 8 months.

On the other hand, the cost of this glue is far more competitive than other professional products, so you don’t have much to lose and a whole lot to gain.

#5. Expect to dry dark. This is a glossy adhesive that will add depth and definition to the look that is desired. It isn’t the adhesive you want for clear or white results.

The Alluring Bad Azz Eyelash Extension Glue gets the job done if you know what you’re doing. We highly recommend it, but only for seasoned professionals who regularly perform eyelash extension services.

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