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When it comes to natural products that can help provide a boost in lash growth, castor oil is one of the best options there is. Castor oil not only can strengthen the eyelash, but it also helps the follicle and the skin of the eyelid to retain more moisture. BaeBody Beauty Castor Oil Eyelash Growth Serum provides you with a GMP Certified product that is produced in an FDA registered facility so you can have confidence in the quality of the oil you receive.

There are some additional advantages which come when choosing this eyelash growth serum if you’re looking for a more natural, DIY solution to lash growth.

#1. This castor oil is guaranteed to be cold-pressed. If you see a castor oil product that is not labeled as being cold-pressed, then it should be assumed that it was hot-pressed. Although the only difference seems to be temperature-related, the cold-pressing process naturally reduces the acid content of the oil as it is being created. Lower acid levels prevent chaffing and follicle damage when applied to the lashes, allowing the nutrients from the oil to seep in at a natural pace.

#2. There are no added ingredients with this product. When you purchase this Baebody Beauty product, you are receiving a product that is 100% cold-pressed castor oil. You won’t have to worry about any chemicals or other additives that could bother your skin, lashes, or eyes when you apply it. With the added nutrients that stay in the oil from its cold-pressing process, the light color won’t make an impact on your skin either.

#3. This product comes with a ton of applicators. The initial listing talks about how you receive two brush applicators instead of one. Maybe we were the exception, but there was a total of 10 applicators that came with our product. Half were indicated to be used for lashes and the other half were to be used for the eyebrows.

#4. You can use this product on any hair issues you may have. You’ll receive enough castor oil with your purchase that you don’t just have to apply it to your lashes. If you’re struggling with a certain haircut you don’t like, have hair that feels thin and brittle, or want to treat other areas of hair that could use a fix, then you’ll notice results in just 1-2 weeks when you apply this serum to the affected area.

#5. It is a product that is Hexane free. Sometimes a solvent called Hexane is added to products like this because it is part of the vegetable oil extraction process. Being exposed to Hexane repeatedly can cause nervous system issues and weakness in the arms and legs. Thankfully, this product is guaranteed to be free of this substance.

The Baebody Beauty Castor Oil Eyelash Growth Serum is easily one of the best natural options that is on the market today. If you’re looking for a chemical-free experience that will make your lashes happy, long, and strong, this is the product you’ll want to consider today.

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