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As you may know, there are a lot of snake oil serums that are on the market today. Counterfeit copies of the real deal that can help your eyelashes achieve the look you want. One of the most counterfeited products on the market today is the GrandeLash MD Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum.

This has caused many customers and reviewers to wonder if they’ve purchased an authentic product. After all, GrandeLash MD is one of the most consistent and reliable serums on the market today. 9 out of 10 people who use the authentic product report positive results, while 69% of users in customer perception studies have reported a density increase in their lashes.

We’ve also experienced positive results when using the authentic serum. So let’s address the issue of authenticity and separate myth from reality in this review.

#1. Do counterfeit products only say “Eyelash Formula” on the bottle?

No. If you look at the Grande Cosmetics website, there are pictures of GrandeLash MD serum which only say “Eyelash Formula” on the bottle. Here’s proof:

It is true that the 4ml bottle does specifically say “Eyelash and Eyebrow Formula” on the bottle, which is something that the 2ml bottles also said all of the time. Their proprietary blend of ingredients still works to produce noticeable results in 2 weeks and you can obtain full results in as little as two months.

For more information, be sure to invest about 90 seconds into watching this video about the product.

#2. Is there a way to compare ingredients?

If you are concerned that you may have purchased a counterfeit product, then Grande Cosmetics offers a full list of the GrandeLash MD ingredients. You can then compare the ingredient list on the package you received to the ingredient list that is available online. If there is a difference in the ingredient list, then you may have received a counterfeit product. If not, then chances are good that you’ve received the real deal.

#3. Why would a real product suddenly cause swelling and irritation? Or cause eyelashes to fall out?

The fact is that anyone can develop an allergic reaction to anything at any time. Even when there is not a history of allergies, it is possible to suddenly become allergic to products that are being used consistently. A common allergic reaction to an eyelash growth serum is puffiness around the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and redness, itching, and irritation within the eye. Then, if you rub the eyes to feel better, you may put this product into the eye, worsening the problem.

GrandeLash MD does contain a yeast extract and panax ginseng in its ingredient list, which can create allergic reactions as well.

When you look at the claims of a counterfeit product, the images from Grande Cosmetics show that many of the concerns are unfounded. As with any product, if you experience discomfort with GrandeLash MD Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum, then you should stop using it. Otherwise we highly recommend this serum to improve the look and feel of your lashes today.

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