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Are you looking for an eyelash extension adhesive that will actually dry quickly? And are you looking for a glue that won’t feel heavy or messy when you apply it to your extensions? That’s exactly what you’re receive from the iLash Store Eyelash Blink Extension Ultra Bonding Glue. This product dries in just 4 seconds and gives you a hold that will last all day long.

You’ll receive about a 1-month supply of adhesive per bottle purchased.

How to Get the Best Experience from Your Bonding Agent

We found that storing this ultra-bonding glue in a cool, dry environment gave us the best overall results. We chose to use the refrigerator, but any similar environment would produce the same results. If you do choose to store it in a cool place to extend the lifespan of the glue, remember that you’ll need to thaw it for an hour or two for it to be able to work right.

This product is generally recommended for us in salons only. The manufacturer does state that it is not for individual use. With a little practice, we can see someone being able to apply strip lashes individually with this glue, though the drying time does make that task somewhat difficult to complete.

We found it most useful for applying individual lashes. Fume levels were kept to a minimum and we didn’t experience any irritation or itching when using the product.

Why Doesn’t This Ultra Bonding Glue Always Dry Well?

We noticed in the reviews for this adhesive that it sometimes doesn’t dry as quickly as indicated. Drying times could be as long as 30-60 seconds in some instances. We sought to replicate these conditions to see what was going on.

We came up with three potential ways that the drying time may be extended for some users when applying this specific glue.

  • The glue was too cold. This product does not dry well when it has a thicker viscosity. If you’ve chilled it to prolong its life, then a full thaw cycle is required.
  • The glue was too old. There is a noticeable increase in drying time with this bonding agent as it ages.
  • The glue is applied in a humid environment. If there is too much moisture in the air, this product doesn’t seem to cure properly. Days with high humidity could affect the bonding process, as could a high moisture indoor environment, such as a bathroom after a hot shower.

This is a semi-permanent glue that dries fast enough to be effective, but slow enough that it can be forgiving if you’re just learning how to apply extensions or false lashes. The iLash Store Blink Eyelash Extension Advanced Ultra Bonding Glue will hold the lashes well once dry and do so longer that other adhesives. Just test the glue first before applying it to verify the lack of an allergy and you’ll be able to create a fantastic look with this highly effective product.

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