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There are two problems that are generally seen when using an eyelash growth serum on a regular basis. The first is that the serum just won’t work for some reason. The second is that you either can’t use mascara when you’ve applied the serum or you need to put on multiple coats of mascara or eye shadow to achieve your preferred look. This is where LashIQ eyelash growth serum can come to give you the helping hand you need for the perfect look.

How is LashIQ different that other eyelash growth serums? We took these three key points away from our look at the product.

  1. There are no chemical preservatives, parabens, or SLS to worry about when using this product.
  2. The extended size of the bottle, at 5 ml, allows for even distribution of the serum along the brush so you receive consistent results.
  3. Unless you get a few drops of the serum directly into your eyes, there is no real pain or irritation that occurs.

Here is the process we developed to make sure the best possible results could be achieved.

You Must Be Patient with this Product

There are several negative reviews that talk about how this product didn’t work in 2-3 weeks. We also saw similar results, with nothing noticeable until after nearly a month of use. Could this have simply been from natural lash growth? Possibly. But there was also a noticeable difference in the actual length of the lash.

Nothing spectacular, mind you, but noticeable nonetheless. If you can consistently apply this product once per day to the lashes, it is between weeks 3-4 that early results tend to be seen. Weeks 5 and 6 tend to provide the best results.

The serum itself dries rather quickly. That’s a good thing in the fact that you won’t have a lot of dripping like other serums can sometimes cause. If you’re interrupted during your routine, however, the serum can be dry before you get back to it and then you’ve got to remember where you applied the product since you don’t want to double up on an application.

What Could Be Better About LashIQ?

The only real complaint we have about this product is the design of its packaging. There is no real way to determine how close you are to finishing off a bottle of the serum. We recommend treating this product as a 6-week treatment series because there is certainly enough serum available for that. If you need an extended period of time, you may wish to double up on your order.

There is also the fact that though there is a noticeable difference in length, the promises of thickness do not seem to be as consistently seen. Some note that their lashes feel thicker or fuller, but that result wasn’t really noted from our look at the product.

LashIQ eyelash growth serum offers a simple and easy way to improve the health of your lashes. In return, they may just grow out longer for you. Because of its overall reliability, it earns our recommendation today.

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