Review: Live Fraiche Castor Oil Organic Cold Pressed Serum

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If you’re using the best false eyelashes on a daily basis, one of the natural outcomes is an enhanced brittleness to your natural eyelashes. There are massages and conditioners that may improve this issue, but it won’t solve it. The Live Fraiche Castor Oil Organic Cold Pressed Serum might be marketed as a way to make your natural lashes longer and thicker, but we felt that it has a better purpose: repair.

Whether it’s eyelash extensions or you’re wearing huge temporary strip false eyelashes, achieving the right look requires a strong foundation. You might be using an adhesive for semi-permanent extensions or be placing a weighty strip right on your lash line, but the results will be the same. You need healthy, natural lashes for those enhancements to remain.

That’s what this serum does so well. It immediately improves the brittleness of your lashes. If you’ve been wearing false lashes for some time, you’ll notice the difference in your natural lashes with just a couple of applications. In return, you may even see reduced lash fallout when you do take those extensions or false lashes off for the evening.

What We Liked About the Live Fraiche Castor Oil Serum

Instead of giving you multiple eyelash brushes, this product gives you one simple dual application brush. You get the big brush that lets you spread the oil from root to tip in just seconds with very little drip. You also receive a mascara-like pencil brush that allows you to get into the corners and edges of your eyelid very effectively.

The end result is more consistency when it comes to the repair of your lashes. Instead of leaving a few feeling brittle, you’re able to infuse the restorative nutrients from the low acid, organic oil to every lash.

It’s also nice to see this product come with dual bottles instead of just one single container. This allows you to match a brush to a bottle so you can have specific personal needs met without contaminating one brush or the other.

What Could Be Improved About the Live Fraiche Castor Oil Serum

We liked the multiple eyelash brushes, but we didn’t really like the design of the dual brush itself. Both brushes are controlled from a central grasping point, which means one brush will be in contact with your hand. This means to do it right, you need to thoroughly cleanse both your face and your dominant hand so you don’t contaminate the brush.

The size of the grasping point is also a little awkward. If you took the distance from the tip of your forefinger to the middle knuckle on that finger, that’s about its size. For larger hands, there’s no way to adequately grasp it without making a potential mess. With smaller hands, the grasping point is awkward to avoid the brush.

From an overall perspective, we were really pleased to see how restorative the Live Fraiche Castor Oil Cold Pressed Serum happened to be. If your lashes could use a health upgrade, this is the product that can provide it.

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