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Many heated eyelash curlers have chosen to go with a rotating comb in order to provide results. Although this is fairly effective, it may not produce the dramatic results that some may want to have. The Luch Heated Eyelash Curler offers a different solution. It uses a double-wire heater within the want that uses 54 tiny bristles to distribute heat evenly and safely to the lashes, encouraging them to curl.

Running on a single AAA battery, a single alkaline will provide you with about 2 weeks of use before needing to be replaced or recharged. Here are some of the other observations we were able to make when taking a look at this particular curler.

  • You can use this heated curler with your mascara. The wire bristles do tend to strip

away some of the mascara that you have put on and it can gum up the wand pretty badly. You’ll want to clean this product on a daily basis with a wet cotton swab for it to perform properly.

  • You’ll need to give it at least 60 seconds to warm up. There is a power indicator light included within the design of the device so that you know when the curler is ready. We found that the curler worked better if you give it another 30 seconds or so after it says that it is ready to go so you get the curve in your lashes that you want.
  • It is a low temperature curler. Even though the temperatures with this curler are fairly low, some people may have eyes that are sensitive enough to the heat that it could be bothersome to them. We recommend that you stop using this product immediately if the heat causes sensitivity or pain. Do not use this curler if your eyes are irritated or swollen because of other beauty products that you’ve used.
  • This curler can work with some false eyelashes. If you tend to use the best natural-looking false eyelashes to compliment your look, then this heated curler can give you a nice amount of lift. For other types of lashes or for eyelash extensions, we would recommend looking at a different curler to meet your needs.
  • Don’t touch your eyelid with this heated curler. Some heated curlers will let you create lift from root to tip. This one will not. It does get hot enough to be bothersome if you happen to contact the eyelid with the heater. You’ll want to curl your lashes starting from the middle of the lash, then proceed to the tip, for the safest results.
  • The bristle comb really does enhance the curl. If you’re used to the rotating combs that are smooth and the limited curl they can provide, then you’ll love what this particular curler can provide. The tiny bristle design of the comb does a great job of giving your upper lashes a nice amount of lift. The design of the wand, however, makes it a little difficult to work on your lower lashes.

The Luch Heated Eyelash Curler does a nice job and can provide consistent results. Remember to turn off your device daily and clean it regularly if you curl with mascara and this product will treat you right.

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