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If you’re looking for an eyelash serum that can provide you with real lash enhancements, then this product offers you the options you want. The New York Laboratories eyelash growth serum is one of the most affordable serums thatincludes MP-17, providing a boost to lash length and thickness.

Coming in a 3.5-ounce bottle, the supply is expected to last for up to 4 months when applied as directly.

Here are our observations after taking a look at the serum.

Expect a Bit of a Tingling Sensation on the Skin

As with any product like this, it will burn if you get it into your eyes. The one curious thing we noted was that the eyelids tend to tingle just a bit after applying this serum to the eyelashes. It isn’t an uncomfortable feeling, but it is definitely noticeable. It should resolve in 2-4 days, but could last for a week or two.

Once you apply the product, it is important to remember not to apply any makeup around the lashes or even the eyelid. The xanthan gum in the product tends to create a certain gumminess with the makeup, causing mascara to clump or eye shadow to become a bit flaky.

Total results come in about 2-3 weeks. Maximum results take about 6 weeks. You can then keep using the serum to encourage growth that is longer and stronger as new lashes begin entering their cycle of growth.

It Works Well on Sensitive Skin

Applying this product is rather simple. Just use the included brush and gently go from eyelid to top with it. The serum then penetrates the lash, infusing it with the nutrients it needs. The non-active ingredients then form an outer “bond” with the lash when using the New York Laboratories eyelash growth serum, giving each lash extended time to absorb what they need to encourage more growth.

If your eyelashes are already relatively long, you may not notice much of a difference with this product. It tends to work best when the lashes are fairly spare and short.

Despite the burning possibilities and the tingling sensation on the eyelids, we found this serum worked remarkably well for those who have sensitive skin. There were no adverse effects of note when we took a look at this product.

Is There Room for Improvement?

As with any cosmetic product like this, there is the possibility of the serum not being able to create results. This serum seems to work best when there are lashes that have some obstacle in their way of achieving maximum growth. By applying the serum as instructed, you’re able to remove that obstacle quite effectively.

We also found that the brush could hold some excess liquid when you first start using this product. We’d highly recommend double-checking the amount of serum on the brush before applying to prevent any of it from dripping in your eyes.

Some may have found the New York Laboratories eyelash growth serum to be a disappointing experience, but we found it to be a beneficial product. If you’ve been struggling to get your lashes to grow and are looking for an over-the-counter option, then we highly recommend this serum.

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