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If you’ve been burned in the past by a Panasonic curler, the idea of ever purchasing another one is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Yet for modern heated curlers, there is one model that far exceeds most other models in the industry today. The Panasonic EH-SE60 Heated Eyelash Curler has learned from the mistakes of previous models. Not only does it work effectively, but the design allows you to have a pain-free positive experience.

The only interesting thing that you’ll find with this particular model is that the instructions are sometimes sent out in Japanese only. Using the product is pretty easy to figure out, but this short video can also answer any questions you may have.

What to Expect from the Panasonic EH-SE60 Heated Curler

Panasonic heated curlers are notorious for their ability to decide to stop working when you are in the middle of a curl. It just happens. Then you get frustrated, you might twitch a bit, and then you end up with a bit of a burn there on your eyelid.

The EH-SE60 is different. Not only does it work well, but the speed at which it works is pretty amazing. Once you get the curler heated to a good temperature, it only takes a few seconds to add some lift and curl to open up your look. Starting from the root and proceeding outward to the tip, you can literally create lift in just 3 seconds with this heated curler.

What is the end result? Perfect lashes every time.

What Are the Features of the Panasonic EH-SE60 Heated Curler?

The one feature that we really appreciated with this particular model is that the comb, not a clamp, helps you to create a curl that is well-defined. This comb rotates both forward and backward with 360 degrees of rotation so you can achieve curl without pulling or accidentally crimping your lashes. All you need to do is lightly run this comb through your lashes for a few seconds and they’ll be ready to style.

You’ll know that your heated curler has reached the proper temperature because the included indicator light switches from purple to pink.

We also appreciated how easy this particular model was to maintain. A simple cleaning is all that is needed and the included brush gets right into the grooves of the comb to pull out any mascara or other leftover items that may be tucked in there.

It also works with false lashes and even some extensions, giving you a blended look that will unify all of your lashes into one strong presentation. Just be careful not to actually stick the rotating comb directly into your eye and you’ll avoid the one issue that we could see happening with this particular model.

If you’ve grown to dislike products from this brand due to past experiences, the Panasonic EH-SE60 Heated Eyelash Curler invites you to come back. We recommend that you accept the invitation.

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