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Are you looking for a high quality adhesive that is manufactured under directly supervised standards? Do you want a professional adhesive that will dry in a darker color to enhance the look around the eyes? Then you’re going to want to give the Reese Robert Beauty Professional Eyelash Extend Adhesive a closer look today.

This is one of the gentlest formulas for an extension adhesive that we’ve ever encountered. It is completely fume-free and will effectively adhere extensions for up to 6 weeks per application. Intended for professional use only, the look that it provides is seamless and the quality is one of the best at this price point in our industry today.

How Long Can You Expect This Adhesive to “Really” Last?

Most adhesives will claim a half-life of 6 weeks, but in practical use conditions, that is rarely achieved. If you’re using this glue for applying individual lashes, then you can expect to see about 2-3 weeks of use for how most people tend to care for their lashes.

The consistency of the glue itself is really nice. It’s a lot more like heavy super glue than the latex glues that are on the market right now. Instead of having that rubbery, almost gummy, feeling on the eyelid, you’re left with an experience that feels very natural. Only a minimal amount of glue is needed to achieve long-term semi-permanent results.

The only downfall is the lack of color option. If you’re looking for a clear or a white glue to create a specific look, you’ll need to avoid this product. The glue does its job perfectly and doesn’t burn the eyes, but it will dry into a very dark color that may not be desired by everyone.

Can This Glue Be Used for False Eyelashes?

In most circumstances, you would not want to use this particular adhesive for temporary eyelashes or false lashes. Because it is semi-permanent, the eyelashes would be affixed to your lash line and could interfere with your natural lashes. You would have difficulties removing this adhesive at night if you were looking for temporary daily wear.

We really appreciated the effort by the manufacturer to create an adhesive that is about as close to a hypoallergenic glue as possible. Removing the latex helps tremendously. Many people with ultra-sensitive eyes and skin report that they can successfully use this glue and we found similar results when taking a personal look at this product.

You will want to make sure that this glue is at room temperature before using it. Depending on when you have it shipped to you, this may mean allowing the glue to warm up for a couple of hours after taking it out of its package.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose semi-permanent adhesive that works consistently, then the Reese Robert Beauty Professional Eyelash Extend Adhesive will get the job done. Try this glue and you won’t be disappointed by the results you can achieve.

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