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The problem with traditional mechanical eyelash curlers is that they can damage your lashes without much effort. Clip the lashes wrong and you could even damage your eyelid. With the Suprent Heated Power-Operated Eyelash Curler, you can add lift and curl to your natural lashes, extensions, or false lashes with relative ease.

This particular eyelash curler works just as well with shorter eyelashes as it does with longer one. We particularly liked the dual-side design of this particular heated eyelash curler, which allows you to target the smaller lashes near the corners of the eye so you can create a look that is more consistent.

Here are the other observations we noted when getting to take a look at this particular eyelash curler.

#1. It gives you some curl without going overboard. When you use this Suprent heated eyelash curler, you’ll receive enough lift and curl to give your eyes some added openness. Then you can add some mascara to the look to add some density to it if you wish, but this will reduce the amount of curl that is achieved.

#2. You can use it with a full set of false lashes. Even if you just use a daily wear false eyelash, this heated curler will let you achieve the look you want without damaging most lashes. Be sure to look at your manufacturer’s instructions on even the best false eyelashes to make sure the heat won’t damage the product.

#3. It is easy to use this curler on your lower lashes. The clipping mechanism is surprisingly effective and can grab onto smaller lashes with relative ease. You still can’t grasp your shortest lashes, but you do have enough leverage to work with your lower lashes so that you can have an upper and lower curl if you prefer.

#4. You can use this curler as a straightening iron if you prefer. Sometimes lashes are far too curly for a look or for individual taste. This heated curler can create an opposite effect as well. Just add heat to the lashes and then brush them from root to tip in a downward direction. Then add a somewhat heavy waterproof mascara to the lashes to prevent them from returning to their natural curl.

#5. This heated curler uses a lot of power. If you forget to turn off this curler, you’re going to need to replace the batteries in it the next day. We would actually recommend that you completely remove the batteries after use to prevent the machine from draining life from them. Expect to get 7-10 uses out of a new set of batteries. Using rechargeable alkalines can help you to save on ongoing costs here.

#6. Make sure you give this curler enough time to heat up. This product will not work as intended if you just turn it on and use it immediately. Give it a minute or so to heat up and your results will be better.

If you wear false eyelashes often or if you have extensions in place and you want your eyes to have a more open look, then the Suprent Heated Power Operated Eyelash Curler is the product for you. It does what it says it can do and that’s why it earns our recommendation today.

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