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Like many eyelash growth serums that are sold over-the-counter, this one has the ingredients you want to see. There is MP-17 listed in addition to BASF, or botanical complex tricholastyl. Uptown Cosemceuticals Eyelash Growth Serum also brings a new ingredient to the table that is worth taking a look at: Swiss apple stem cell growth extract.

Does it work? It is worth the investment? How safe is it?

Are You Allergic to Apples? Then Don’t Use This Product

This Uptown Cosmeceuticals serum uses an extract from UttwilerSpatlauber apples. These are severely tart apples that many find difficult to eat, but any apple allergy may be triggered by using this external product. Avoid this product if you have such an allergy.

The reason why this specific type of apple is used is due to is unique longevity. These apples stay alive on their trees for weeks longer than any other apple. Researchers discovered that the trees and even the fruit had the ability to heal themselves, which allowed them to last longer.

This extract is based out of laboratory work, so you don’t have to worry about the ethics of using a food product for healthier lashes when there are hungry people in the world.

Does the Uptown Cosmeceuticals Serum Provide an Eyelash Fountain of Youth?

According to published information, a concentration level of just 0.1% of these apple stem cells in an extract can increase human cell activities by up to 80%. This means there is the potential to see fast and effective eyelash growth when this serum from Uptown Cosmeceuticals is applied as instructed.

Because of the active ingredient combination, you may find a certain tingling or even burning sensation occur during the first few uses of the serum. This may occur even if none of the serum gets into the eye. If this does not go away after 7 days, then discontinue use.

It takes about two weeks for any results to start being seen. You apply it to the eye just like any other eyeliner you might want to use.

Is This Eyelash Growth Serum Worth the Investment?

Uptown Cosmeceuticals states that they used clinical research and measurements from SigmaScan technologies to determine the effectiveness of this product. Over the course of 6 weeks, according to their published results, eyelash growth and thickness improvements of up to 75% could be seen. It is RIPT, eye irritant, and stability tested.

You access the research through the company’s primary website:

The application brush was easy to use. The product itself came in packaging that was secure. The serum has a nice viscosity to it so that it isn’t overly runny when you apply it to the roots of your eyelashes. We had no complaints in these areas whatsoever.

As with any product like this, it may not work as described for everyone due to genetic diversity.

We found this to be an interesting product to use, especially with the apple stem cell extract. If you’ve struggled with other serums in the past, then give the Uptown Cosmeceuticals Eyelash Growth Serum a try. You might just be surprised by the results that can be achieved.

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