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When you’re wearing false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, then the best mascara for you is something that is water-based. You’re also going to want something that is long-lasting, giving you the depth and fullness in your lashes that your look deserves. This is what the Xtreme Lashes Length and Volume Mascara promises that it can do.

Did the promises of this mascara live up to what it can do in real life?

How Well Does This Mascara Work?

This particular mascara goes on pretty well. It glides on pretty smoothly with the included brush, with only maybe a minor clump or two that you end up needing to correct. It doesn’t disrupt the eyelash extensions you may have and it settles well on most of the false eyelashes that are available today.

We wouldn’t recommend this mascara for the very large fantasy false eyelashes that some may wear. The extra weight can change the wearing experience of the temporary extensions because it does tend to go on thick.

This thickness may cause some difficulties when trying to remove the mascara, especially if you are near the end of the life of your eyelash extensions. The mascara tends to pull at the lash a little, so if you wipe the eye downward to remove the makeup, you may find some lashes coming with you. You’ll need to be patient during the cleaning process, especially if the mascara is on false eyelashes.

What Is the Smear Factor for the Xtreme Lashes Mascara?

We had no issues with smearing when taking a look at this particular mascara. There were no flaking issues that were noticed either. The lashes just look a bit longer with it on and they definitely look fuller and dense. You can usually achieve the look you want with just a pass or two of the mascara brush in your targeted location.

The actual color that the mascara provides is very nice. It adds a certain smokiness around the eye that will definitely draw attention to it. You’re able to achieve separation and volume from base to tip without difficulty, maximizing the potential of each and every lash.

You can add eyeliner to this mascara, apply it with false eyelashes that include strip-style options that sit right on your lash line, and it won’t interfere with the adhesives you might have despite it being a water-based formula. It even works well for those who have eyes that are sensitive to makeup products or those who have had skin reactions to makeup in the past.

If you’re looking for a very versatile mascara option that will not prematurely terminate your eyelash extensions, then give the Xtreme Lashes Length and Volume Mascara a try. We think you’ll be pleased with the results. And if you happen to prefer false eyelashes, this product will help you to make those new lashes even more beautiful with just a swipe or two of the brush.

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