The World’s Longest Eyelashes

According to Guinness World Records, the current world record for the longest eyelash ever recorded belongs to You Jianxia. Born in 1968 and living in Shanghai, the eyelash was measured in June 2016 and measured 4.88 inches, or 12.4 centimeters, in length.

This is a record that has been smashed in recent years and is a world record that many do not always realize is recorded. In 2015, Stuart Muller, an American, held the record for the longest eyelashes at 2.75 inches, or just under 7 centimeters in length. That eyelash was recorded in 2007.

So what makes eyelashes grow to these extraordinary lengths? If you ask those who have long eyelashes, you’ll hear a number of diet options and topical remedies. Yet the secret to growing long lashes might just be found in a certain medication.

Lumigan: The Answer to All Eyelash Length Concerns?

Lumigan is an eye-drop medication that is prescribed to those who are suffering from glaucoma. When people began using this medication, they noticed that there was a very interesting side effect happening. People began to notice that not only were their eyelashes becoming darker and thicker, but they were also becoming longer.

Noticing the potential of what this eye drop could do, the makers of Lumigan decided to repackage it as an eyelash booster. Called Latisse, it is available by prescription only. The active ingredient in Latisse is Bimatoprost and it works by making changes to the actual genes that are in control of your lashes.

Latisse is known to have side effects that include persistent redness, burning, itching, and inflammation. It may also darken the eyelid and the skin underneath the eye. Some users have reported that the pigmentation of their iris changed as well.

Are There Other Products That Can Lengthen Eyelashes?

Another popular product that is used to promote longer eyelash growth is called RapidLash. Older containers of RapidLash contain a formula that is similar to Latisse, but the manufacturer of Latisse fought the product and won in court. It was ruled that the formulation in RapidLash was similar to a drug instead of being similar to a cosmetic, which cause its original formulation to be halted.

This means over-the-counter guarantees for growing long eyelashes are few and far between. Your best option is to choose a product, serum, or solution that contains castor oil. Castor oil is proven to improve the health of eyelashes, reduce pore clogging, and strengthen the follicle.

You can’t eat castor beans or anything from this family of plant, however, because it is rich in a poison that is called “ricin.” Ricin is highly toxic and only a few grains of it can cause life-threatening effects, though ingesting it can increase an individual’s tolerance compared to inhaling it.

This means purchasing castor oil from authorized and guaranteed sources to apply to your eyelashes is the best possible action you can take.

It may not get you into the Guinness Book of World Records, but it could give you the longer eyelashes that you want.

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